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Hip Hop Crew

Directed by John Barrella

Dance For Joy is home to two Hip Hop Crews run by company director John Barrella.  Dancers can audition for Fresh Effects( our teen company) or Jr Crew ( our younger company ) before the start of each school year. Our Hip Hop  Crews are an extension of the hip hop program and a separate class where dancers train in heavy hip hop and street dance techniques and perform throughout NY and NJ. 

Graduates of Fresh Effects Crew have the opportunity to join “The Redef Movement” Dance Company to continue their training and dance careers. Redef is a professional company of adult dancers that frequently operate out of Dance for Joy. Company director John Barrella trains Redef dancers and DFJ dancers as they perform, educate and produce shows throughout the Tri-state area.

Hip Hop Crew

A little info about our Crew director John Barrella: 

John is an established educator, choreographer and performer based in NJ. As a company director, he aims to produce work that enforces street dance as an art form, finding influence for his work in hip hop, breakdancing, locking, and popping . His unique approach to education and performance has granted him international recognition, as he is frequently invited to travel throughout the United States and Canada to choreograph, educate dancers and train teachers.

“John’s classes” are designed to teach aspiring dancers the fundamentals of hip hop dance as a freestyle art and techniques to master choreography. His goals are to inspire people to be artists and push themselves creatively. 

John is very proud of his hip hop program at Dance For Joy. His philosophy on hip hop and street dance has translated well and formed a healthy program of dedicated dancers that continue to showcase his work in professional and entertaining pieces each year. His method of hard work, positive reinforcement and a healthy atmosphere has helped create a new generation of young hip hop dancers that value the history and culture of hip hop.


“Dance is the joy of movement.”