MAP is a pre-professional, non competitive, performance-based company that focuses on educating young dancers who want to pursue dance at a collegiate level. Developed by Jessica Totaro and supported by Dance For Joy, this program offers quality education from college professors, professional choreographers, and company directors in the dance community. Along with guest artists, MAP also provides opportunities to perform original repertoire throughout the tri-state area, visit surrounding colleges, and prepare for college auditions with a qualified choreographer. MAP students will discover a stronger connection to the art of dance through a weekly class, that is devoted to building a higher experience within their own studio alongside their required dance classes.

MAP is designed to be a positive environment for young artists to feel comfortable with self-discovery, challenged with technique,  gain quality dance experiences, and be an active member of the dance community inside and outside of the studio.

Jessica Totaro

Jessica’s goal as an instructor is to not dictate but to guide her students into finding their individuality through the form of movement. With her strong background in Modern, Improvisation and Choreography she believes that the connection and combination of learned technique with learned improvisational movement is a formula for a well rounded, individual dancer.  She believes that the most successful dancers and artists are those who can share real dance experiences with their students. Jessica encourages her students to work hard, be kind, seek out the real world of dance and challenge themselves everyday inside and outside the studio.