Unique Kids

About Unique Kids


Unique Kids dance program is owned and developed by Laraine Kauffman. It is an all inclusive Integrative dance program for children, teens and adults of all abilities. Our classes are geared towards helping each student develop a love for dance and creative movement. While growing them in cognitive, gross and fine motor skills we aid in teaching students balancing, strengthening and endurance. We implement patterns, sequencing, and repetition with intentional exercises, warm ups and choreography that make it fun and exciting to learn! Every exercise is created with intention for students to grow and excel in their everyday lives! 
We encourage students creativity through music and dance combined which gives them the opportunity to freely express themselves. Through dance students develop a greater range of movement while developing the ability to work within different spaces. Dance and movement patterns develop kinesthetic memory. It also develops strength and endurance from an early age. For these reasons dance is so beneficial to a child’s well being and growth. 
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“Dance is the joy of movement.”